The Adorable Pygmy Goat

The Pygmy Goat is an extremely intelegent and loving animal. They are great mothers, and the bucks are good with the kids too. At this time all of our pygmy goats are for sale. For information on the price of each goat go to the contact page and contact us. We cant' wait to hear from you!  All of our pygmy goats are registered with NPGA (National Pygmy Goat Association or can be).


This is "Venus" mother to "Taurous and Aquarious"(her first kidding),
also mother to "Shiney and Todd"(second kidding).
Both kiddings were successful.

             This is "Chacktaw". 2 successful kiddings                           

This is "Otter" and "Otter's Little Angel".
"Otter" is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat and "Otter's Little Angel" is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat and Pygmy Goat cross. 
(Neither are for Sale.) 

This is "Moe-Moe", she was born in March. Libby's second kidding.

This is "Libby" she is mother to "Baby Nickole"(first kidding) and "Moe-Moe"(second kidding).
She has had two sucessfull kiddings.


The Pygmy goats here are handled right from birth, they are all very friendly.
Including the buck "Jackson", he still thinks that he's little and can fit on my lap!
I have had many kiddings from Jackson and all have been healthy and raring to go!
This will be our first kiddings with "General", will update when the kids will be ready!


This is who all of our Does have been bred to or who is bred to.
"Jackson" and also "General" who is a Kiko.




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