We raise and sell India Blue, Silver Pied, White, Black Shoulder, and Purple Peafowl. 
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Black Shoulder

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Peafowl Colors and the descriptions:
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BLUE: This is the variety most often seen in zoos and parks. Males are
predominantly dark, royal blue with green iridescence through the tail.
The shoulders and sides of the blue male are checkered black and white.
The hen is brown with a green neck.

BLUE PIED: The cock and hen are identically colored like the blue.
Through the plumage, white feathering, irregularly patterned, makes the
bird look as though white paint has been thrown on the bird. This is a
very attractive mutation of the blue. No two birds marked alike; the
birds range from 25% to 75% white plumage, mixed through the dark

WHITE: All the plumage of cocks and hens is pure white. The male's tail
is white, but the eyes of the tail are off-white in contrast. Not an
albino, the eyes are light blue.

BLACK SHOULDER: The male is marked similarly to the blue male except he
shows a purplish black shoulder instead of having the black and white
checks. The hen is very unusually marked. She is mostly off-white with
black and green flecking throughout the plumage. Chicks hatch out
yellow, but, unlike the whites, show some buff coloring in their flight
feathers. Black Shoulders are sexable at 4 months, when young males show
black feathering coming through the lighter feathers.

BLACK SHOULDER PIED: These are Black Shoulders combined with the Pied
mutation. These are striking birds, showing most of the Black Shoulder
coloring, but splashed with white.

CAMEO: This is a fairly new mutation, about 20 years in existence. The
male is all shades of brown and buff. The neck and tail feathers are
dark, chocolate brown. The breast, back and eyes of the tail are buff in
contrasting shades. The hen is mostly buff, with some dark brown in the
flight feathers and around the neck. Also called "Silver Dunn," there is
a silvery cast over the brown shades. Cameos have the same markings of
Blues, but only in buff, brown and chocolate. Chicks hatch out light
buff in color.

CAMEO PIED: These are Cameos with the Pied factor. Striking birds, they
show all the brown coloring, but are irregularly splashed with white.

OATEN: These are to Cameos, as the Black Shoulders are to Blues. Males
are colored like Cameo males, but have dark brown shoulders instead of
brown and white checks. Hens are creamy white, with brown flecks
throughout the plumage, much lighter than Cameo hens.

OATEN PIED: These are Oatens, (brown Black Shoulders) with the splashes
of white.

JAVA GREEN: The most beautiful of the peafowl, both sexes show
brilliant green plumage over the entire body. They have a very tall
crest (6"), which is tight rather than fan shaped like the Blue
varieties. They also have a vivid, yellowish/orange patch of skin around
their eyes and face. They are long legged and stream-lined in body shape
and appear to be half again as tall as the Blue peafowl varieties. The
Java is more nervous and jumpy, sometimes being aggressive, but they do
settle down well with their keeper and adapt well to their surroundings.
Heated sheds are recommended for Javas in the northern states, as this
breed of peafowl is not as hardy as the Blue types.

SPAULDING: These are first generation crosses from the Blues and Javas.
These birds show subtle characteristics of the Javas, and look more like
Blues. They are large bodied and males will show more blackish coloring
on the shoulders, with a bronze cast in the tail. Hens look like Blue
hens, but do have more coloring on the breast, neck and wings.

EMERALD SPAULDING: This is the result of crossing Spauldings with Javas.
A 3/4 Java, the beautiful green body coloring, the higher crest and
facial coloring, are prominent in this hybrid. The body coloring differs
from the pure Java by having more of a bluish cast throughout the green,
and heavier black barring on the back and wings. Emerald Spauldings are
heavier bodied than Javas, and more cold hardy so they could be
considered a good substitute for northern breeders who don't have heated
facilities, but want a bird that has some of the Java features and
characteristics. Emerald Spauldings come in all mutation colors plus in Pied

PIED EMERALD SPAULDING: These are Emerald Spauldings with the white
splashes of feathers. A beautiful beautiful Peacock

BLACK SHOULDER EMERALD SPAULDING: These birds have the same markings
coloration as Black Shoulders, but have the Emerald Spaulding look with
the high crest, facial coloring and more stream-lined bodies. Larger
than Black Shoulders, this hybrid is very striking!

WHITE EMERALD SPAULDING: "White Java" is the best way to describe these.
Gorgeous birds!

CAMEO EMERALD SPAULDING.: Emerald Spauldings in only brown shades.
Unusual and beautiful!


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