Miniture Cattle

The Followell Family has always had cattle on site. And for a while as our farm was growing we were without, but when the time came we decided that it was time to introduce them back into the Followell Family, and we love them!  


This is "Ole' Roy" he is our bull, and is a big baby! And he loves to eat out of your hand!

This is Corra (on the right).

This is "Bella".

As of right now there is no availability.

For more information contact Rick Followell.

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Some information about Mini Hereford Cattle:

The Hereford cattle breed was first started 250 years ago by the Tomkins family in Herefordshire, England. In the late 1960s, Point of Rocks Ranch in Fort Davis, Texas used certified dwarf-free Hereford bloodlines to create the Miniature Hereford cattle we know today. By 1989 breeding stock was available for sale. Point of Rocks Ranch still maintains 11 separate bloodlines to ensure a sufficient genetic base for breeding of the Miniature Hereford. By having this new cattle breed, it is thought that the beef cattle industry will become more profitable for the cow/calf producer in the future.

Charateristics of Mini Hereford Cattle:

  • Docile and sweet temperament
  • Easy to work with and care for
  • Cute body frame
  • Unique-a real attention getter
  • A pet, great for kids
  • Hardy, adapts well to all environments
  • Very fertile
  • Excellent feed converters
  • No special food needed
  • Less pasture space needed
  • Easier on pastures and fences
  • Mature earlier
  • Tender meat due to muscle cell structure
  • Larger rib eye area (said to be 1.5 sq. inch per 100 lbs. of body weight)
  • Less manure
  • Muscular and short legged

The Market on Mini Hereford Cattle:

Even though the Mini-Hereford breed was created over 35 years ago, there are still very few in the world today. This gives the long-term breeders market unlimited potential to expand, increasing the ability to sell their cattle. Also the smaller sized cattle are great for those who don’t have the time or the land for a full scale farm. Two to three miniature cattle will eat as much grass and feed as average full sized cattle, which is why 5 to 20 acres is perfect for them.


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