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We have Guinea keets and eggs available and will ship.  Eggs are $12.00 per dz plus $12.50 shipping.  Up to 2 weeks old $4.00 ea min of 12.  Keets 2-6 weeks old are $6.00 ea min. of 6 shipping is $35.00  Paypal welcome!

This little keet is 2 weeks old and he/she fits in the palm of your hands!

All fowl is unsexed at hatch date and until about 1 year.  They start to make a distinctive sound with the females making a 2 syllable sound that my husband says is "not right, not right:"  The male make a single sylable of kak kak kak.

We sell all colors of guinea fowl-you won't believe how many ticks and snakes and mice these guys and girls can put away!!!   

Please contact us with any questions.  We have birds and eggs seasonaly and I will update the sight as birds become available.  Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you. 


Some information about Guineas:

Guinea Fowl, which are native to Africa, were domesticated there more than 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. The ancient Greeks and Romans acquired domesticated Guineas from both the East and West coasts of Africa and blended the two. They then featured them prominently in their gardens and aviaries. At the same time, they regarded Guinea Fowl as a table delicacy.

The Romans spread Guinea Fowl across Europe. With the fall of the Roman Empire, however, Guinea Fowl appear to have disappeared from northern and western Europe. In the 15th century, Portuguese traders introduced wild Guinea Fowl from West Africa into Europe and Guinea Fowl were again domesticated. They have been a popular domestic fowl ever since.

Guinea Fowl appear in Greek mythology: When Meleager, who succeeded in killing the Calydonian boar, was killed, his sisters Deianira (wife of Hercules) and Gorge were put to death and turned into Guinea Fowl by Artemis. The tears that they shed showered their sable plumage with white spots. Dionysus pleaded with Artemis to undo her work, and the sisters were returned to their human form.

Cock..............4.0 pounds                            Hen..........3.5 pounds

Cockerel........3.5 pounds                            Pullet........3.0 pounds                                            

Weight is a breed characteristic. Any Guinea Fowl that deviates more than 20% either up or down from the weights listed above shall be disqualified from exhibition. For all Guinea Fowl, there is a 1-point cut for each 1/4 pound underweight. There is no point cut for the first 1/4 pound overweight, but there is a 1-point cut for each 1/4 pound thereafter.  

Guinea Fowl Colors:

Royal Purple
Coral Blue
Coral Blue Pied

Buff Dundotte
Powder Blue

Sky Blue
Lite Lavender

For pictures of the guineas and there desciptions go to:


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Please contact us anytime!!! We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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