About Us:

The land has been in the family since before 1955, and has had many different breeds of cattle, chickens, and also some pigs from when my grandfather farmed the land. And now that we have a little peice of it there are many more to add on to the list.

We are a small family owned farm. Our goal is to raise the highest quality animals possible. We started with pygmys 3 years ago and fell in love with how calm and loving they are. Rick wanted to try Boer Goats and we are glad we did. We have a small herd of 16 percentage and full blood does and with a sweetheart of a full blood buck. We started with 3 does and Jughead (our buck) 2 years ago and wow we have learned a lot. This is our first year we have kidded and what a time it has been. 

Because we started small we were able to grow in knowledge with our herd.  We can now cure any curable problems a goat can dream up!  Hah Don't believe it!!!   They will dream up something you have never heard of!!  As of now our herd is beautiful, healthy, and kidding. 

We have worked hard to make our small peice of heaven into a working farm. We would like to retire with enough income from the farm to be self sufficent.


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Rick and Kay Followell
Honna Followell

5270 Stevens Rd.
Nashville, In 47448



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